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Silk Fabric Printing

Silk Printing Solutions for Vibrant Fabric Designs

Welcome to Azooni Prints. We understand that in today’s luxury fashion, choosing the best fabric with the finest printing is paramount. In recent years, there has been a huge demand for silk printing in the UAE.

Azooni Prints offers a wide range of silk fabric designs that showcase both modern and traditional aesthetics. As silk is a delicate fabric, printing on it requires great care. Silk fabric is the top choice for most interior and fashion designers in the UAE.

At Azooni Prints, we provide high-quality printing with the best colour combinations and designs that are sure to captivate at first sight.

Elevate Your Fabric Creations with Professional Silk Printing Services

With the expert silk printing services provided by Azooni Prints, you can turn your fabric creations into masterpieces . Your fabric creations will stand out from the crowd because of our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail, which guarantee that your designs are brought to life with accuracy and brightness.

High-Quality Silk Printing Services

Azooni Prints has a lot of experience in fabric printing. We offer professional services that can print designs according to customer needs, allowing you to enhance your fabric with your own designs. In addition, we have a large collection and designers working with us who excel in enhancing silk fabrics with excellent designs.

Digital printing is a game-changer in silk printing today. It’s incredibly versatile, cost-effective, and efficient, all while maintaining top-notch quality. it brings complex designs to life with authentic detail, transforming the silk printing industry. Designers can now easily push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, exploring new horizons without limitations.

Procedure for Digital Printing
The process of digital printing on silk entails putting ink directly onto the cloth using specialist printers. This is how it operates:

Design Preparation

Digital designs are produced by scanning hand-drawn artwork or by using graphic design tools.

Pretreatment of Fabric

To guarantee correct ink absorption and color vibrancy, the silk fabric is prepared before printing. Applying a coating or primer to the fabric’s surface may be necessary in this phase.


Using inkjet technology, the design is printed directly into the fabric once the fabric is placed into a digital printer. The printer uses the digital design file to accurately apply ink droplets onto the fabric.

Curing and Finishing

The fabric is cured (steamed or heated) to solidify the ink after printing. It is possible to apply extra finishing techniques to improve the texture or appearance of the fabric.
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At Azooni Prints, we use this type of modern silk printing technology along with unmatched knowledge to provide our customers with outstanding outcomes. Whether you work as an interior decorator, fashion designer, or creative entrepreneur, you can depend on us to execute your ideas with accuracy, excellence, and originality.

Benefits of silk printing
  1. Versatility: A vast array of design possibilities, including complex patterns and vivid pictures, are possible with silk printing.
  2. Colour Vibrancy: Silk fabric can be printed with colors that are vivid and durable using digital printing.
  3. Customization: Designers are free to produce one-of-a-kind, customised designs that are suited to their own vision.
  4. Durability: Properly cured prints are long-lasting and fade-resistant, guaranteeing their quality over time.

Customized Silk Printing Solutions

In order to meet the various needs of our customers, Azooni Prints provides customized silk printing services. We not only provide printing services for silk but also offer a wide selection of fabric types including silk, cotton, polyester, and more. We guarantee that every project gets the consideration and care it needs.

Our team offers personalised design consultation to help you realize your idea. We collaborate closely with you to create unique designs that perfectly capture your style and choices, whether you have a specific idea in mind or need help clarifying your ideas.

Azooni provides unmatched versatility in silk printing because of our extensive color selection and printing methods. We can precisely and expertly match your preferences, whether you want bold colors or soft shades.

our pattern collection

Armani Silk
Digital Textile Printing - Advanced technology for intricate and detailed fabric prints.
Geometric Pattern
Digital Fabric Printing Dubai - Custom designs on fabrics, tailored to your preferences.
Graphic Pattern
Custom Digital Printing On Fabric - Tailored designs on textiles, Dubai's finest service.
Escadaa- Super soft
Custom Fabric Printing UAE - Express your creativity with top-notch fabric designs.
Texture Pattern

Silk Printing Expertise

Azooni Prints has been in the fabric printing sector for about 50 years, and we have established ourselves as a top company in the UAE. Our unmatched silk printing expertise is supported by:

Our team of expert artisans has been practicing their technique for over 47 years, and they have perfected it. They offer a lot of experience and skill to every project, ensuring that each piece we manufacture is of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

We at Azooni Prints are dedicated to accuracy and close attention to detail in every area of silk printing. From material selection to printing process, we follow to high quality standards to ensure that every print is flawless and matches our clients’ exact specifications.

The variety and depth of our experience are evident in the portfolio, which features a selection of our previous silk printing projects. Whether it is complex patterns, vivid hues, or delicate textures, our portfolio demonstrates how we can precisely and creatively bring our clients’ concepts to reality.

Discover the Versatility of Silk Print Fabric

Silk print fabric provides a wide variety of choices for fashion designers, combining elegance, sustainability, and creativity. With Azooni you now can Explore the diverse range of applications and benefits it brings to the fashion and various industries.

Superior Quality Silk Print Fabric

Silk print fabric, known for its rich feel and excellent drape, is a classic choice for fashion enthusiasts. Silk is a natural material created by silkworms that results in a fabric of extraordinary softness and shine. It is perfect for making clothing with a delicate, flowing silhouette because of its fine texture and lightweight nature.
Due to its smooth surface and absorbent qualities, silk is ideal for printing graphics with brilliant, high resolution. The fabric takes colors brilliantly, producing rich, vivid hues that stand out against its shiny background.
When properly cared for, silk print fabric can withstand a lot of wear and tear despite appearing delicate. Silk clothing is a classic addition to any wardrobe because of its inherent resilience, which guarantees that printed designs maintain their clarity and vibrancy over time.
Silk print fabric provides exceptional quality and elegance for fashion designers because of its rich feel, versatility in printing, and durability. Accept the adaptability of silk print fabric and use its classic beauty and charm to enhance your ideas.

Endless Design Possibilities

Silk print fabric is a creative outlet that offers endless design possibilities and motivates fashion designers around.

Because of its extraordinary versatility, silk print fabric finds countless uses in the fashion business. A touch of elegance and sophistication may be added to any outfit with silk print fabric, from flowing dresses to tailored suits, scarves, and accessories.

Silk pattern fabric is frequently used by fashion designers to produce stunning evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and bridal attire that are appropriate for special occasions. Silk print fabric is also a popular option for upscale shirts, blouses, and sophisticated loungewear.

Use silk print fabric to create imaginative fabric design ideas that will allow your creativity to run wild. Try out at Azooni for different patterns, elaborate themes, and vivid colors to show off your individual style and surprise viewers with your creative works.

Custom Silk Print Fabric Solutions

Enhance your brand with custom silk print fabric options that meet your specific needs and choices.

Every design is unique, and we at Azooni Prints are aware of this. We have the option of customizing silk print fabric orders to exactly meet your needs because of this. Whether you have a specific color scheme in mind, a distinctive design, or a specific fabric weight in mind, we work directly with you to make your idea a reality.

Azooni Prints offers a wide range of silk fabric weights and treatments to help you create the ideal look and feel for your clothes. We offer solutions to fit any aesthetic preference, whether you want lightweight silk chiffon for ethereal draping or luxurious silk satin for a glossy shine.  

Discover our selection of specialist printing methods to produce fabric designs that are genuinely unique. Our latest printing technology guarantees excellent outcomes every time, No matter what your design goals are, we have the expertise and capabilities to bring them to life

Azooni Prints gives you endless possibilities. Our special silk print fabrics let customers turn their ideas into gorgeous reality, full of beauty and style. Reach out to Azooni Prints now and let’s craft something extraordinary together!
If you’re a business that is looking for custom printed fabrics we have the expertise and technology to bring your creative vision to life.
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